– Marty Berman joins Admix as VP Sales US and LATAM –

We are extremely pleased to announce the appointment of senior advertising industry leader Marty Berman as VP of Sales for North America and LATAM.

Berman’s appointment signals the latest phase of our 2021 US growth strategy, which will see the experienced teambuilder spearhead a major talent acquisition drive across the US, with Q3 and Q4 hires planned for New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Chicago native will work closely with Michael Silberberg, our New York-based VP of Global Partnerships.

He joins us with over two…

Let’s open this guide up with a question we’ve seen a lot on forums and in discussion about chasing the elusive ‘Indie Dream’:

Is game development art?

Answer: Yes, and it often pays the same… if you don’t have a strategy.

Of course there’s no escaping the fact that living off of game dev income full-time does take luck, but luck only matters when you put yourself in the right position for it to take effect. …

Founder and CEO at Admix. Pioneer of “in-play.” Previously ran a hypercasual game studio before they were cool.


If you’ve learned one new acronym this year, it’s probably NFT: non-fungible tokens. As an ex-indie gaming publisher turned tech entrepreneur building Admix, a solution helping game publishers integrate product placements in their games, I believe NFTs have the potential to revolutionize in-game monetization.

Making Digital Valuable

Traditionally, digital assets have been easily replicable, as they’re just pixels on screens. Think about an emoji — no matter who designs it, its value drops to zero as soon as it is shared on…

Our pioneering In-Play advertising platform bridges the gap between mobile games and brands, and we’re now proud to announce a new partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global leader in digital ad verification. This integration with IAS makes Admix the only In-Play advertising company to offer ad inventory that is measured and verified by a trusted, independent partner.

Now, the quality of Admix’s In-Play advertising is independently assessed and verified with the same rigor as a wider digital inventory. …

We are firm believers in the idea of knowing your player base. After all, if you know what makes them tick and what motivates them then you can optimise your game to what they find fun. You can also avoid monetisation strategies that they’ll find especially annoying and cause them to churn away, so it’s a win-win in every sense.

We’ve spoken about motivation and games a fair bit in the past, covering a few different design areas. …

App retention is an incredibly important metric for all developers, especially when considering the long-tail revenue on your game. The longer your users continue to play your game, the more overall revenue you gain and the more likely your app is to be a financial success. Your choice of in-game advertising has a big impact on retention rates, and — generally — the more intrusive and unwelcome the ad type (pop-ups, banners, unskippable interstitials, etc.) the faster retention rates drop.

In the first specific study of non-intrusive In-Play ads and their impact on retention, Neon Play saw no impact all…

– US-based former GroupM CEO Rob Norman –

– UK-based previous Dentsu Aegis Network CEO Nigel Morris –

We are immensely proud to announce the appointment of two senior ad industry players in former Dentsu Aegis Network CEO Nigel Morris, and former GroupM CEO and global CDO Rob Norman.

Rob Norman joins Admix as a senior advisor focusing on the Americas, while Nigel Morris, already an advisor and investor, joins the board of the company. …

The hypercasual market is an incredibly fast-moving one, with new titles reaching the charts every week as old ones are often forgotten. And yet despite that volatility, it’s a genre that creates incredible revenue (upwards of $600 million in 2019 alone), and one whose games are so addictive and engaging that they consistently appear in those top charts month on month.

Our home base is centred in London, but we are happy to announce that we have expanded our commercial team with two major hires in the US and EMEA.

These two appointments are the first part of our expansion plan for 2021 that will see Admix double in size from 40 to 80 staff, following our $8.5 million Series A round in 2020.

Michael Silberberg, based in New York, is joining us as VP Global Agency Partnerships after 14 years with Google across three continents, notably in London, where he spent five years as the head of global platforms leadership…

Hypemasters are a dynamic indie studio commanding over 2 million players by creating hyper-addictive, and hype-inducing games for mobile. They’re a studio making highly ambitious games, so how they make the best use of their time is one of their greatest challenges. Of course, that challenge hasn’t stopped development on two upcoming, big projects.


Hypemasters were working full speed on their upcoming projects, and putting a lot of time and energy on active development. …

Samuel Huber

Founder of Admix | In-play monetization https://admixplay.com

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