Admix: 2021 Wrapped


Michael Silberberg joined us as VP of Global Partnerships, and Alex Faust joined us as VP of EMEA

We hired Rob Norman and Nigel Morris as Senior Advisors


Admix In-Play was verified by IAS (Integral Ad Science)

We put In-Play ads into Reality Gaming Group’s ‘Reality Clash’

We ran CoppaFeel!’s first digital ad campaign


We attended MAD//Fest, our first in-person event since the start of the pandemic

We sponsored the Pocket Gamer’s Mobile Game Awards

Marty Berman joined us as VP of Sales for NA and LATAM

We partnered with Movember to run In-Play ads across various games

We attended Gamesforum 2021


Stefan Adamczyk joined us as VP of Global Partnerships

We teamed up with Atomik Research to deliver a whitepaper on how brands can reach gaming audiences

We closed our Series B funding and raised $25 million

We partnered with Somnium Space to release exclusive billboard NFTs

Our custom integration went live with Movember and Ultimate Car Driving Simulator

We partnered with Ocean Outdoor to bring more brands into the metaverse

And… that’s a wrap!



Founder of Admix | In-play monetization

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