Admix partners with Fumb Games studio to accelerate in-play market

In the gaming space, technology and creativity thrive off of each other. Together, they’re greater than the sum of their parts, which is exactly the goal of Admix and Fumb Games combining forces to accelerate the growth of In-Play ads in mobile games.

Fumb Games is an idle/hypercasual studio based in London and known for titles like Mergecraft, Idle Builder, and Dragon Merge.

In-Play ads are player-friendly placements within a game scene that advertisers can buy in realtime. They capture the best of native (billboards, stadium hoardings, etc.) with the scalability of rewarded video. But how did this partnership come about?

“It was Admix’s technology that caught my interest”, shared Paul West, Founder of Fumb Games. “We generate 70% of our revenue with player-friendly ads, and I was looking for a way to scale this further. After much research, I realised that In-Play ticks every box: non-intrusive, iOS 14 immune, easy to implement, and scalable.”

“The next step was diligence. I spoke with many industry peers and tested current market offerings. It was quickly clear to me that Admix’s technology was the market leader, and after meeting Sam I could see why — they are obsessed with Product.”

Admix CEO, Samuel Huber is also thrilled with the partnership. “Admix is full of passionate engineers that love playing games and building scalable platforms. We now have the opportunity to work directly with an experimental creative studio to publish games created with the In-Play format in mind. We’re truly aligned and super excited to reveal what’s to come!”

Aside from founding Fumb Games, West was a founding member of the AdColony EMEA team and believes Admix’s technology is ahead of the curve, just like AdColony was with rewarded video back in 2013. As part of this collaboration, West will join Admix as VP Partnerships to help grow their platform further.

The primary goal of this collaboration is to enhance Admix’s ad monetisation solutions, both those that are live and those in development. The solutions will continue to specialise in driving player-friendly revenue-generating opportunities for game studios.

“It’s an exciting time. Brands are more eager than ever to get a slice of the booming gaming market, and the innovative technology will change the future of ad monetisation for the benefit of brands, players, and developers. It’s definitely the right time for In-Play.”

You can find out more about Admix and their player-friendly revenue solutions here:

At Admix, we focus on user-friendly ads that are integrated with the gameplay, similar to product placements. In-game ads are the perfect environment for brands to place their ads programmatically and engage users while they play, without being intrusive and creating a bad experience. Get in touch to schedule a chat!

Originally published at on October 21, 2020.

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