Everyone’s a gamer: where does hypercasual go next?

2019, image owned by GameAnalytics
Image courtesy of Deconstructor Of Fun

Why are hypercasual games so darn addictive?

  • Super simple gameplay. One-touch, can be mastered immediately
  • Low fidelity / simple graphics not to overwhelm users
  • Sense of easy progression.
  • Short levels, generally with the same controls but different colors/elements. Looks new, feels familiar.
  • Heavy interruptions with interstitial ads, banner ads, and a rewarded video here and there

The unit economics of hypercasual games

Images used from Game of War: Fire Age’s Play Store listing, and Toon Blast’s Play Store listing. Shows a clear difference in the player target.

The true future of hypercasual

  • Grow the audience by finding an even more casual audience attracted to even more casual gameplay.
  • Become a user acquisition channel for casual / mid-core games.
  • Build games with more retention to increase the LTV of their huge userbase.



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